Table of Contents:

Section 1:
AquaDams® - an overview:   1
The concept   2
The design   2
The product   3
History   4
Job references:   5
Section 2:
Engineering specifications:   5
How it works.   5
Why it works - analysis   6
Tipping (& assumptions)   7
The tipping model   8
Sliding (& assumptions)                    9
Section 3:
Frequently asked questions: 11
What materials are used to manufacture AquaDams®? 11
Do AquaDams® meet all laws and regulations? 11
Are AquaDams® available for rental? 12
Are AquaDams® permanent structures? 12
How long can a AquaDam® remain in place? 12
What warranties do AquaDams® come with? 12
How high of a AquaDam® do I need? 12
How does water velocity influence the size? 13
Are there limitations related to the flow periods? 13
What type of site preparation is required? 14
What lengths do AquaDams® come in? 14
How do you inflate a AquaDam®?                                  14
Can cold weather effect the AquaDam®? 14
Can hot weather effect the AquaDam®? 14
How does erosion around the AquaDam® affect its usefulness? 15
How long and what effort is required to install a AquaDam®? 15
Can an AquaDam® be used mid-stream? 15
Are there limitations to the size of the work area? 15
Are additional areas required for placement of other equipment? 15
Will AquaDams® Unlimited provide an installation and removal service? 15
Are AquaDams® reusable? 15