Water Storage Applications
  This 2.5' high AquaDam® (or Dura-Dam in Africa) was used for water retention in the Natal Province of South Africa. This dam was only a few years old, but already so much sediment had collected behind it that the water was only inches deep for a distance of 12 miles. AquaDams® were used to increase the height of the dam so that the broad sedimentary plain could be used to store water 18" deep. 18" of water spread over 12 miles is quite a bit of storage.

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These 4' high x 250' long AquaDams® were used to store the salt water from Shamu the killer whale's tank at Sea World, Ohio. The water was stored here in the VIP parking lot during the retrofitting and painting of the tank, and was then simply pumped back into the tank upon completion.

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This 6' high x 250' long AquaDam® was used to store potentially radioactive runoff water at the U.S.'s first nuclear accident site. The water had to be contained for radiation testing to see if it was acceptable to release it into the local watershed. Six other AquaDams® of this size were used, each large enough to contain over 100,000 gallons of water.

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This custom-made 2.5' high AquaDam® was used to convert this standard flatbed trailer into a water hauler. An AquaDam® can be fabricated to convert virtually any vehicle into an effective means of water transportation.


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