Roumiguiere Vineyards, in Clear Lake, California:

    While there is an appeal to owning lakeside property, there are also disadvantages. Flooding is the foremost. Consequently, most lakeside property owners monitor the weather carefully.

     Bob Roumiguiere of Roumiguiere Vineyards, in Clear Lake, California tangled with his first high water in 1983 after owning his lakeside home for three years. Unfortunately, the water won, leaving Roumiguiere' s home office, garage and adjacent two-bedroom apartment standing in six-to-eight inches of water.

     When the next floods arrived, Roumiguiere was prepared with plastic and sandbags. That time he laid sandbags on a layer of plastic which he then folded over them to hold them in place. While sandbagging held back the encroaching water, it also created problems. "Sandbags present tremendous work to install, and break down," explains Roumiguiere. "They also become scarce with demand. Then you have the material to get rid of, and the problem of what to do with cloth ones, which have a tendency to rot."

     The eventual solution to Roumiguiere' s water problem was AquaDams®. Now, when the lake rises, Roumiguiere brings out his 168 foot by three-foot high AquaDam® which he claims "Works like a charm." Roumiguiere says he simply stores the Water Structure® by his fence and inflates it when he needs it. "I can start the pumps, roll it out, and the minute the water starts to fill it, pick it up and begin making turns with it to place it around the buildings," he says.

     Since his gravel driveway prevents a watertight seal, Roumiguiere also uses a sump pump for backup behind the AquaDam®. In typical situations this is not necessary, however.

     "I think AquaDams® are great," Roumiguiere proclaims. "During our last floods, which were the highest I'd seen, we'd have been hard pressed to have built sandbags up that high. AquaDams® work perfect. They're so clever, I can't believe it."