Please note that at the time this letter was written, AquaDams® were sold under the name Water Structures®.

September 21, l995
Aqua Dam, Inc.
P. O. Box 206
Carlotta, CA 95528

Dear Dave, Dan & Craig:

     To this date, everything is holding! You can only guess how happy that makes everyone here, especially those of us who were wallowing in the muck installing the structure.

     I could tell from the first day that the product and the personnel were far more seasoned with reliability than we have experienced in the past. As the days quickly amounted to almost a weeks' time for the installation, the water structures have held together as did the good workmanship of the entire crew. This was because of the confidence and good nature of both Craig and Dan.

     We offered an unusual situation. We were the customer for the product and we were also the installation contractor. We supplied Craig and Dan with our entire maintenance crew for this very important project. I thank everyone involved. I learned quite a bit and currently we are very proud of the water structures success.

     I would like to thank both Craig and Dan for keeping our project alive. Their hard work and good nature made this dam(n) thing work!!' Thanks again.

                                                                                                     Eric Lacher
                                                                         Asst. Superintendent of Parks
           327 West Wilson Street Ct · Batavia, Illinois 60S10 . (708) 879-5235     FAX (708) 879-9537