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Aqua Dam, Inc.
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Attn: David Doolaege

Dear David,

            We want to take a moment to thank you for providing us with such a great product. We appreciate all of your expertise and knowledge for installing the waterstructure dam at the recent in-stream project that we performed. The job specs called for an Aqua Barrier to be used. After talking with Hydro Solutions, who sells the Aqua Barriers, they assured us that this was the best, most durable and easiest water filled dam to install. We went ahead and purchased two 4x50foot dams from Hydro Solutions, and set a date to have their installer help us with the installation of the dam.

    As you know, we had great difficulties. The installer insisted on installing the dam in a manner that we felt was much harder and more time consuming than it should have been (since we had experience installing your AquaDam last year on a similar project.). It also seemed to deteriorate the integrity of the dam. He also changed his mind several times during the installation without informing the excavator operator or the workers in the stream, which made it even more difficult.

            The first Aqua Barrier was installed from the South side (opposite) stream bank to approximately 10 feet from the North side stream bank. The second dam was installed from the North side stream bank edge and overlapped the end of the first dam. To us, and others that were observing the process, this didn't look like it would work very effectively. Consequently, when we showed up the next morning, the first dam had washed out and was deflated several hundred yards down stream. We have enclosed a few pictures that show what we had found that morning.

            After having so many difficulties and remembering what a great job you did for us on the last project, we called you and informed you of our situation. We scheduled a time to install your dam with very short notice, and upon your arrival, everything went smoothly. The dam held up and we completed our work in the time allotted, which was a great concern of ours. Again Dave, we thank you for all your hard work and time. We appreciate it. (You are a water God!)

M&M Services, LLC

Todd Marthoski

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