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Pictorials: Our pictorials show the benefits of using AquaDams® for the following applications:


Installation/Removal: Pictorials detailing the installation and removal of AquaDams®


Reference Materials: Installation procedures, pricing, etc. In both web and printable formats.

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  • General Information:

    • A summary explanation of how AquaDams work: Web / Print

    • An in-depth explanation of how AquaDams work: Web / Print

    • Frequently Asked Questions: Web  / Print

    • US Patent 5,059,065 - Apparatus and a method for joining water structure sections. Web

    • US Patent 6,481,928 - System for replacing a damaged portion of hydraulic structure. Web

    • US Patent 6,364,571 - Flexible hydraulic structure w/right angle tube fitted through. Web

  • Guides & Manuals:

    • Complete AquaDam User's Guide: Web / Print

    • Double Closed-Ended User's Guide: Web / Print

    • How to assemble brackets & ratchets to reroll your AquaDams®: Web

    • How to calculate the lengths of AquaDams needed when bending them at an angle: Web

    • Quick Installation Guide: Web / Print

    • Repair Guide for Relining an AquaDam®: Web / Print

    • Rerolling Pictorial: Web

    • Relining a damaged AquaDam® while it is still in place: Web

    • Tying off your AquaDam®: Web

    • Using Portable Wheels to roll out an AquaDam® on top of another: Web

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Recreational Uses: AquaDams applications in a recreational setting.


Flood Control: Protect your valuable real-estate from flood damage.


Testimonials: Read what our satisfied customer say about AquaDams.


Press Releases: AquaDams® have been featured in many news stories. Here are just a few:


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