How It Works

AquaDams® are lightweight, easy to handle, and can be used in virtually any location. On-site requirements are just a portable pump, and the usually abundant local water supply. This means that AquaDams® are ideal for water control projects such as stream or lake bed construction diversions,  coffer damming, or environmental pollution confinement and silt control. They also provide fast, effective relief for tougher applications such as mud slides, hazardous waste control, and flooding. They are also ideal for preventing the overtopping of levees, the number one cause of levee failure.

AquaDams® are environmentally safe and specifically engineered to provide rapid deployment. They are a stable barrier of water to contain, divert, and control the flow of water. The AquaDam® concept combines multiple inner tubes within an outer tube to provide an effective portable dam to control the flow of water.

  The unique, patented design consists of four basic components:

  1. Multiple impermeable inner tubes which are filled with water to provide the mass needed for stability

  2. A strong, woven outer tube which contains the inner tubes and provides the structural integrity of the system

  3. Water for mass & weight

  4. Collar for joining two or more AquaDams® together

All materials used in the construction of the AquaDams® are flexible to allow them to conform to uneven terrain. This helps to provide an effective seal between the ground and the AquaDams®.

Two or more AquaDams® may be joined to form an AquaDam® of any workable length. A coupling collar, manufactured from the same high-strength woven material as the outer tube, aligns the AquaDams®.

The unique combination of properties of AquaDam® make them ideal for a wide variety of applications.  A few of the more common uses include:

  1. Water diversions during pipeline installation in and around rivers or standing water

  2. Water containment during repairs on bridges, sewage systems and power plants

  3. Easy, rapidly deployed flood control

  4. Erosion control through diversion or containment of flowing water

  5. Temporary reservoirs for water storage

  6. Temporary containment of spilled materials

  7. Silt containment and sediment collection

The standard AquaDam® system is filled from only one end via two inner tubes. The closed end is fitted with a collar that allows two AquaDams® to be linked together. Utilizing the linking collars allows the AquaDam® to be customized to meet the individual needs of the job site.
    However, as AquaDams® have progressed more specialized versions have evolved. Please see our section on Customized AquaDams® for more information.