Recreational Use: Boat Dock in Ruth Lake, CA

   AquaDams® make great temporary portable boat docks. This AquaDam® (4' x 100' long) was over-inflated on the deep end to 8' high. The last 15' was not even touching the bottom. It was used as a dock and recreational platform on Ruth Lake, CA. Water depth is 2'  next to the shore and 8' deep at the end of the AquaDam®.

  This AquaDam® took approximately two hours to install. The advantages of using AquaDams® instead of conventional wooden or concrete docks are:

1) Inflated with 25,000 gallons of onsite lake water!

2) Pliable, naturally warmed by the sun, and soft enough to fall on without getting hurt!

3) Great for water games; king of the mountain, football, etc.

4) Can be used as a slip and slide when covered with plastic

5) Can be installed or removed in hours

6) Can be re-rolled for later use

7) No impact to the environment

8) No need for Army Corps permits because AquaDams® are non-permanent and water-filled.

9) Park your jet ski on top so that you can get on and off easily

10) No degradation of water quality

11) Great for learning to water ski

12) Loops sewn into the outside of the AquaDam® can be used to tie off boats, or to change the top cover.