Swimming Platform,
Ruth Lake, CA,

Part 3:

   This is the same 6 foot high by 100 foot long AquaDam with a plastic slip-and-slide installed on the end on a different day. A crowd of sun-worshippers are talking things over at the deep end of the AquaDam (10 feet deep). Small pools of water are trapped on top and superheated by the sunlight, making it a delight to sunbathe on. This is where the crowd will want to gather. 



   The AquaDam is only inches higher than the surrounding water, making it a perfect platform for swimmers to interact with the lake. Swimmers can actually swim right up on top of it, and then stand up and walk. It also makes an ideal platform for beginning water skiers.



   Notice the rocky beach in the background. It is almost devoid of people. Everyone has chosen to sunbathe, gather on and swim from and  to the AquaDam. No more sharp rocks or muddy shorelines to walk through! 



   A view from water level.  


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