Swimming Platform,
Ruth Lake, CA,

Part 2:

  This AquaDam is 6 feet high and 100 feet long, but has been over inflated so that it will sit in 10 feet of water depth. It is being used a boat dock / recreational platform with a slip-and-slide attached to the last 30 feet. As you can see, you can even ride a bike on top of it.


Boys playing king of the mountain. Water-filled platforms make great areas to have fun and interact with the surrounding water in ways not otherwise possible. Notice the two fill tubes sticking up at the near end of the AquaDam.


  This slip-and-slide has attracted people of all ages. This young man is about to launch himself down a 30 foot super-slide and into the lake.   


   As you can see, while he is sliding at high speed, no skin is being removed. Try doing this on a wooden dock. Notice the young girl walking towards the dog. She has just finished her turn and is returning for another run. Even the dog liked using the AquaDam to swim and jump.


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