Recreational Use:
Swimming Platform in Ruth Lake, CA

Part 1:

   A 50 foot long  by 6 foot high AquaDam® over- inflated to 10 feet in height being used as a slip and slide in Ruth Lake, CA. The over inflation is only possible because the AquaDam is surrounded by water. Even rocky, steep lakeshore can be turned into a fun attraction for all ages. Lake depth at the end of the AquaDam® is 10 feet.


   The AquaDam forms a dock that you can swim up on like a seal, so that your torso comes into contact with the plastic outer shell of the AquaDam. This plastic is ideal for contact with tender skin. You can also jump your jet ski right on top and then just walk off. Makes an ideal boat / jet ski dock.


   The 50-year-old man in the middle of the picture is sliding over the slippery plastic on his belly. The impact of his body is absorbed into the AquaDam, reducing the force of his impact. No wooden or aluminum dock has these features. The human body cannot interact with them  like it can with a water-filled dock.


   AquaDams make ideal platforms for water games like king of the mountain because it has no sharp edges and gives with the weight of a human body falling on it, whether it is big or small. Sunbathing is also very popular because the black outer surface can maintain heat, but can also be cooled by throwing a bucket of water over the surface. This is also a good way to lubricate the clear plastic for a smoother slip-and-slide. Just add water! Suntan oil also helps to enhance the already slippery nature of the outside plastic.


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