Stream Diversion for Water Retention:
Hobbiton USA, Northern California

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   Hobbiton USA, a small theme park located along the scenic Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt County, Ca. had a need for some way to contain water. The story "The Hobbit" features a great town built on a lake, but all the owners had was a rocky mountain stream. AquaDam® was selected as the means to accomplish this due to it's low environmental impact and ease of removal, a must for the local Department of Fish & Game to approve the project.

A 5' high x 50' long AquaDam® was selected to contain up to 4' of water depth. The only way the AquaDam® could be transported over the wooded hillside to the installation site was in the back of a 4 wheel drive pickup. Considering that this AquaDam® weighs about 250 lbs., it was simply not feasible to have people carry it the entire way. 

To ensure a good seal after the  AquaDam® is installed, most if not all of the larger rocks must be removed from it's path. The only rocks that are not removed are the ones that are silted in so deeply that removing them would leave a large hole. In that case, less leakage will occur if the rock is left in place than if it had been removed.

Now the manpower comes into play. The truck does not have the ability to go any further, so the AquaDam® has to be manually moved into place.

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