Custom AquaDam® Designs

    All AquaDams® are based around patented "triple tube" technology, where two independent watertight tubes are placed inside a larger outer (or "master") tube, which us usually constructed of super-strong woven geotextile material. To inflate an AquaDam®, water is pumped into the two inner tubes. The durable woven outer tube confines the water-inflated inner tubes and prevents them from moving away from each other. The counter friction / hydraulic pressure between the inner tube and the outer tube, along with the mass and weight of the water, creates pressure and stabilizes the AquaDam®, even when lateral water pressure is exerted against it. 

Open-ended AquaDams®

    The most basic (and least expensive) AquaDam® design, open-ended units do not have a sealed end or a coupling collar. This requires that both ends of the AquaDam® be elevated to allow it to hold water, but allows filling or dewatering to be done from either end and makes the AquaDam® simpler to remove. Open-ended AquaDams® are ideal for canals and similar applications where both ends the AquaDam® can be easily elevated, usually up a stream bank or channel wall. 

Closed-ended AquaDams®

    The standard AquaDam® design, closed-ended units have only one open end that must be elevated. The other end is closed and is typically fitted with a coupling collar for the attachment of another AquaDam®. This is the design usually used when more than one AquaDam® has to be attached together. The open end of the first AquaDam® must be placed up the bank, but once it is filled it can be used as a platform to start the next AquaDam® from. This allows AquaDams® to be connected to create any necessary length. 

Double Closed-ended AquaDams®

    Sometimes called a "plug", double closed-ended units are self-supporting and can be installed without the need for the open end to be elevated. Instead, the fill tubes extend out of the top of the unit. A coupling collar is generally attached to both ends, unless specified otherwise by the customer. Plugs are ideal for applications where there is no suitable bank to elevate the end of the AquaDam®. 

Baffled AquaDams®

    Designed to withstand excessive amounts of pressure, baffled units combine the patented "triple tube" technology used in standard AquaDams® with an interior baffle to provide even more stability. Unlike the other units which require a certain amount of freeboard, baffled AquaDams® can control water depth equal to their height under most circumstances. Baffled AquaDams® are ideal for moving water applications, and can be either closed or open-ended.  

We did a test run with a baffled AquaDam® just to see what kind of pressures it could take. You can view the test by clicking here.

Double Closed-ended Baffled AquaDams®

    The most customized AquaDam® design, these units combine two closed ends, two coupling collars and an interior baffle. The fill tubes come up through the top (in this case fill ports have been installed).

Fish Ladder/Overflow AquaDams®

    The newest AquaDam® design, these units are the most customizable of all. Available in all manner of configurations, they are manufactured for the needs of each individual application. Since there are no "standardized" sizes or configurations, there are no set prices for these AquaDams®, so please call or email us to discuss your project.