How a Water Structure® is Constructed

"Water Controlling Water"© That's the basic concept. In simplest terms, you can use the water causing your problem to fill the AquaDam® cofferdam's system of flexible tubes, quickly creating a temporary dam to control the problem. After completing the project, you can drain the AquaDam® cofferdam and roll it up for storage or disposal. The low environmental impact of AquaDams® helps the site ecosystem return to its original state in the shortest possible time. In the past, your options for controlling the flow of water in and around construction sites, remediation projects, spill areas and flooding were fairly limited, cumbersome and costly. Sandbags are labor intensive, and earthen dams require heavy machinery. Both options also require a substantial effort for removal and restoring the site to its original state.

     Did you know that "dirt coffer dams are no longer allowed by the Environmental Department" of our federal government? Our AquaDams comply with every requirement set by the government of the United States, as well as most other countries in the world. Take a look below and find out how we can help you with a specific application:

   AquaDam Applications:


  AquaDams® can contain the sediment created by construction next to a river to prevent contamination! AquaDams® can divert water flow or contain a section of riverbed for dewatering when installing underground pipelines and cables across rivers and streams.


  AquaDams® can isolate remediation sites to protect surrounding areas during cleanup.

  AquaDams® can allow areas to be dewatered for more efficient remediation.


  AquaDams® require little time and labor to use! They are ideal for homeowner and small business flood protection.


  Keep roads open longer by placing AquaDams® along roadsides!


  Install AquaDams® along existing levees to prevent over-topping!

Look at that wave action!


  AquaDams® allow fast and clean dewatering of a big worksite, which is  ideal for boat ramp construction and repair.


  Due to their quick setup time and ease of portability, AquaDams® are excellent for temporary water storage. AquaDams® can also be placed on almost any standard trailer for instant, portable water storage!


  AquaDams® are a great way to interact with the water! They can be used as boat docks, or simply as a fun platform for swimming. They are not hard and unyielding like wooden docks, so there is no danger from slipping. This AquaDams® has even been coated with slick plastic to create a giant slip-and slide!


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