Local man finds solution to
flooding in ‘water dam’

  I set that thing up in an hour. Sand bagging would have taken all night and all day with many people, and this thing I could do all by myself.
Steve Peacock

 Steve Peacock has a beautiful home east of Wichita, overlooking a beautiful pond. Picture perfect, until rain begins to fall.
    He tells KSN “When we got large rains, I knew there’d be no way to sandbag 120 feet around my house, so I went looking for an alternative to sand bagging and there weren’t very many, to tell you the truth.”
    But he found one worth trying, an inflatable water dam called AquaDam®.
    It costs about 15 dollars a foot. For less than two thousand dollars, Peacock says he has taken the flooding situation into his own hands.

   Recently Peacock set the AquaDam® up just to see if he could do it alone.
    Using a 2-inch water pump, the 100-foot dam around the back of his home was filled with the very water that might threaten his house, and in just 47 minutes. Now, if floodwaters do begin to rise, they’ll have to climb another 3 feet to get inside the Peacock home.
    Peacock hasn’t had to test the inflatable dam yet, but he says that at least he’s ready if he has to. It’s his way of leaving nothing to chance, in exchange for a chance to live right next to the waters edge.
    Peacock is so convinced that the portable dam will work, he’s now a distributor.
    For more information, you can contact
Aqua Dam, Inc. located in Carlotta, California