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Water fights flooding

    The Facilities Division recently tested their newest tool for protecting City Hall from flooding by the Cedar River. The device, called an "AquaDam®", is essentially a dam made by water filled tubes. The AquaDam® consists of an outer high strength synthetic fabric tube and two inner plastic tubes which are filled with water. The dual inner tube design helps the device resist rolling when water pressure is applied to one side. AquaDams® come in 50 and 100-foot lengths that can be coupled together to form longer dams and are available in heights ranging from one to ten feet.  The Facilities Division acquired the AquaDams® to protect both City Hall and Carco Theatre.

    When the Cedar River threatened to flood City Hall last winter, a crew of 50 people worked for 15 hours to build a sandbag barrier to protect the bottom floor.  Now, using AquaDams®, a barrier can be erected by a six person crew in merely six hours! During the trial setup, the Facilities crew only filled the AquaDams® to about 60% capacity.  However, when completely filled, the4 foot high by 100 foot long structure can hold 29,000 gallons of water and weigh over 100tons.  After being drained, the AquaDams® are simply rolled up on spindles and carried away for storage.  Because of the dramatically lower labor involved, the new AquaDams® will quickly pay for themselves and provide better protection for City buildings more rapidly in the future.