Lake Sediment Removal in
Woodlawn Lake, San Antonio, TX

Part 1&2, Page 1:

1400' feet of lake had to be crossed using various size AquaDams backed up with other, smaller AquaDams because of the water depth. The purpose was to partition the lake to protect the aquatic life during dewatering. The AquaDams allowed for one side of the lake to be drained, while the other side retained enough aquatic life to regenerate the lake after the sediments have been removed. This picture shows a textbook connection.  
To get started, the lake depth was lowered using large 6" discharge pumps. The AquaDam was started high up the bank and allowed to roll down into the water. The AquaDam was inflated using four 3" pumps. Notice the shape of the overflow dam in the background.


After the first AquaDam was inflated, the pumps were moved out onto it so that the next connected segment could be pumped up. It took a total of 14 individual 100' lengths of AquaDam to complete the crossing. The next three AquaDams are still rolled up and can be seen floating in the water, waiting to be installed.   

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