Stream Blockage,
Saddle River, New Jersey

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Installation of a 6' high by 100' long AquaDam® with an attachment collar. Step 1: agree upon a game plan. Step 2: for moving water applications, place installation ropes.  Step 3: unwrap the AquaDam®. Step 4: set the AquaDam® on top, and bring the ropes back over the top of the rolled AquaDam. Ropes are the tied off to trees (not shown). 


The AquaDam® is ready to roll off the bank and into the water. 


Fill tubes are clear and are underneath the feet of the laborers. The white material that the black, rolled-up AquaDam® is set on is the wrap, which is used to protect the AquaDam® from the abrasive concrete. 


The top of the AquaDam® was pulled up the bank until it's length was consistent with the width of the stream.   


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