AquaDam / Water Structures
Rerolling Guide 

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This picture shows two connected 3' high by 100' long AquaDams® being used to prevent earthen discharge from a work site from contaminating the river.


The AquaDam® at the end has been completely rolled up. All there remains to do is tie it up with ropes, tie a protective wrap around it, and put it on the trailer.


Each AquaDam arrives rolled on either a 4" by 4" or 4" by 6" board. The first step in the rerolling process is to roll the collar up around the board. 


Rerolling brackets are then placed on each end of the board. A 3/4" drive ratchet is then fitted into each bracket, and a 4' cheater bar is slid over the handle of the ratchet. The AquaDam is then rolled up, with the workers alternately cranking up the AquaDam and holding it while the other moves his ratchet back.


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