AquaDam / Water Structures
Relining Guide

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Please note: this information applies only to AquaDams® installed in non-moving water!

So your AquaDam® has a hole in it. For smaller holes, this can be simply rectified by using patch tape, but what if the hole is irreparable? One option (the only one available in flowing streams) is to remove the AquaDam® and reline it on shore. However, if your AquaDam® is in a non-moving body of water, it can be relined in place by following this simple procedure.
If the AquaDam® has been moved out of position or is twisted, water must be pumped out of the AquaDam® until it is buoyant.  Maneuver it  until it is back in it's original position. This can be done by pulling the AquaDam® manually, or, in this case, pumping water into the work area until the AquaDam® is forced out by the water pressure.

Once the AquaDam® is back in position, relining can take place.
Every large AquaDam® has string lines running through the inner tubes specifically so that they can be relined. These string lines are thin and are  not for pulling the new liner through. They are simply to pull another, stronger rope through the inner tube.

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