Pacific Gas & Electric Project,
Sierra Nevada Mts., California

Phase 1, Page 2:

Step 3:
Workers stand behind the Aquadam® to prevent it from unrolling. Water pressure inside the Aquadam® pushes on the workers' legs. Workers take one step backwards at a time, waiting for the water pressure to build again inside the Aquadam®. Do NOT get in a hurry! Go one step at a time!

Step 4: 
Here a worker is moving a large boulder next to the
Aquadam™ for lateral support. Water pressure builds and workers take one step back at a time. Pressure builds because of water being pumped into the Aquadam®.
Step 5:
Keep the Aquadam® from joining with the bank until it forces you out of its way. The water will be able to pass on downstream so that a reservoir of water does not build behind the Aquadam™ until the last possible moment. 

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