Williams Transco Pipeline, McComb, MS


The objective was to dewater the worksite in order to visually inspect a 32" natural gas pipeline for maintenance purposes. The proposed work site: a bank on the Bogue Chitto River. This river is famous for its summertime recreational activities.


Proposed cofferdam layout. The river flow is going to be diverted around the worksite. Water quality was the paramount reason for choosing the new Aquadam® cofferdam system instead of  older methods using earthen fill dams. 


Step 1: Installation of 7' high by 50' long Aquadam® across scour channel with an estimated water depth of 6' or higher. The river flow was shifted to the opposite side of the river channel. The first Aquadam® (shown on right) was used as a "spacer" and provided support  for the second Aquadam®, which bent around it.
This Aquadam® was installed using three ropes because the water 
exceeded 6' in depth (too deep for laborers to stand in). 

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