Boat Ramp Repair:
Tennessee River, Chattanooga, TN - 2003

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This boat ramp was in need of  serious repairs. Sheet piling was the planned method of dewatering, but the owner found us on the internet and found out he could get an AquaDam® and complete his work for less than half the price of the sheet piling alone. Also, sheet piling would have been very noisy and disruptive to the live-on boat owners, while the only noise generated from the use of the AquaDam® would be the sound of the water pumps.



The damage to the ramp is quite severe, and it only gets worse farther out. This is a common problem with old concrete boat ramps. This one was poured in 1960.



The maximum water depth along the outside area of the proposed AquaDam® placement was 8', so a 12' high AquaDam® was used. It had to be started at least 4' up the bank to fill completely, and to minimize seepage the rocks were removed from the bank where it would start. A tree provided a convenient tie-off point.



This 12' high AquaDam® was 250' long and weighed approximately10,000 lbs. It is lifted from the trailer by a forklift customized for lifting boats out of the water.


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