Stream Diversion
Antelope Creek
Lincoln, CA (2000)
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This was a stream diversion through a man-made channel lined with polyethylene sheeting. The AquaDam® blocked off the old channel, diverting water flow into a new diversion channel for installation of a 48" sewage pipeline for a new housing development.
Lincoln, CA
A 4' x 40' AquaDam® had been covered with a 6 mil poly that extended 15' out in front of it, providing a better seal and preventing a water boil that was occurring due to the sandy soil and deep water depth.
Lincoln, CA
A 3' x 40' AquaDam® installed at the lower end of the original stream channel. The open end of the AquaDam® extends 3' up the bank. This kept the water from flowing out the open ends of the fill tubes.
Lincoln, CA