Strong water velocities or currents require more manpower to insure proper installation, and to secure the safety of those installing the AquaDam®. The above list does not address personnel that might be operating heavy equipment, such as an excavator. A Aqua Dam, Inc.® supervisor who oversees the installation procedure is also recommended.

Inmost installations, very little site preparation work is required, but to obtain a good seal, rock picking is a must. The area should also be policed for objects that might puncture the AquaDam® during installation. 

This Guide assumes that all Federal, State, County, and City Permits have been obtained from the appropriate government authority. Aqua Dam, Inc.® also recommends that the buyer (Prime Contractor, Company Supervisor, etc.) have an understanding of the necessary permits and what can or cannot be done within the river bed (lake) should the use of heavy equipment be necessary.

AquaDam® Installation Procedures

Installation can be broken down into two categories: Moving water (rivers and streams) and nonmoving water (lake shores).

Step 1-Transport:

Transport the AquaDam® to the installation starting point. Smaller AquaDams® can be easily moved into position by hand.

Carrying straps are provided on larger AquaDams®. Just hook or tie the straps to a piece of heavy equipment for transportation. Unpack the AquaDam® by carefully removing the protective wrap from the outside after cutting the packing ropes and carrying straps with a knife.

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