AquaDams® are usually assembled at the factory and shipped rolled and ready for use at the job site. However, it is not unusual to assemble larger AquaDams® on site. Atypical AquaDam® consists of the "master tube" and a pair of inner tubes rolled up on a wooden or metal core as shown in Figure 2. In many instances, the core also plays an important part in the installation, rerolling for future use, and transportation of AquaDams®.


Figure 2. A typical factory assembled AquaDam® prior to inflation, showing the inner and outer tubes rolled up around the core. The AquaDams'® tubes (A & B) are left open for filling purposes. This end will be elevated up the stream bank (the starting point) which has to be higher than the height of the AquaDam® when fully inflated. The other end is sealed and has an attached coupling collar used for joining a second AquaDam®.

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