As the AquaDam® is being emptied, it will be forced out of the way by the difference in water depth from the upstream side of the AquaDam® to the downstream side.

There are many applications where an AquaDam® can be saved and re-rolled for use at a later date. All smaller AquaDams® can be re-rolled. Rerolling requires brackets to fit over the ends of the wooden beams that the AquaDams® come assembled on. A3/4" drive ratchet can then be attached to the bracket. A 5' long section of pipe is slid over the handle of the ratchet (a cheater bar) to achieve maximum torque. Water can be pushed to the open end and out.


Emergency Removal:

Laborers should stay out of harm's way and be aware that standing at the end of the unrolling AquaDam® is dangerous, and they should stand clear whenever possible. The number of personnel in this position should be kept to a minimum. Should the laborers holding the ropes let go of them, the AquaDam® will rapidly unroll, and a laborer could be pinned underneath. That is why all laborers should carry safety knives, so that the AquaDam® can be slit open on the upstream side to relieve inside water pressure so that the AquaDam® will immediately drain, allowing it to move off of the trapped worker. The best way to do this is with a single long, lateral slice down the side of the AquaDam®. You must be standing on the upstream side. The downstream side is the direction that the AquaDam® and all of the water behind it will move in. It is very important that everyone works together!

Obstacles & Debris:

The beds of rivers and streams are rough and can have holes and other obstacles that should be avoided in them. The easiest way to avoid them is to just go around. Removing something large that is silted into the riverbed will leave a large hole. This leaves you worse off than you were before. Going over this type of area will have more seepage, and it will also effect the height of the AquaDam®. 

Cold Weather:

In cold water, neoprene chest waders are highly recommended. All OSHA rules and guidelines should be followed closely. Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) should be also used.

Walking on the AquaDam®

The woven geo-textile fabric that the master tube is made of is puncture and UVI resistant. Heavy foot traffic on top of the AquaDam® is okay. The only time you might curtail foot traffic is during cold weather, when ice occurs within thinner tubes, but they can still be walked on. The ice may cut the polyethylene when it cracks or breaks from foot traffic.

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