Installed AquaDams® are durable and will last a long time. Each installed section should be monitored regularly for leaks. The easiest way to deal with a leak without removing the AquaDam® is to pump more water into it. Small leaks can be patched with special repair tape

There are four important observations that should be made on a regular basis.

1.    Leaks in the AquaDams®;

2.    Seepage under the AquaDams®;

3.    Inner fill tubes that have fallen over and are draining water;

4.    Lateral movement of the AquaDam®.

Most leaks are of such a nature that they are resolved simply by pumping additional water into the AquaDams® on a periodic basis. Identify which of the tubes is leaking, untie and unwrap the inner tube and insert the discharge hose from the water pump and fill it. Sometimes, a leak is large enough to require a patch. To repair such a leak, first identify and isolate the area around it. Then, using a sharp knife, cut a 'cross' or X through the master tube and pull the material apart to expose the leak, being careful not to further damage the inner tube. Then, using tape provided by Aqua Dam, Inc.®, apply the patch to the inner tube. Once the leak is repaired, cover the 'cross' cut in the master tube with the same repair tape. In most cases it is best to just add water on a regular basis, until the AquaDam® can be taken out of service and patched properly from the inside or the inner tubes can be replaced.

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