Step 1:                     The 4'X8'Xl/2" sheet of plywood described in the equipment list is for the pumps to sit on, should they need to be placed on an inflated AquaDam®. When two AquaDams® are coupled or attached together, pumps are generally set on the previously filled AquaDam®, about 15-20 feet away from the end of the AquaDam®. The plywood will prevent damage to the AquaDam®, but it is not necessary by any means.


Step 2:                     Remove the tape or string from around the bunched inner fill tubes and insert the discharge hoses deep inside them, making sure that they extend past the coupling collar. Removal of fittings on the discharge hoses is recommended. If they cannot be removed, cover metal ones with duct tape. To keep the fill tubes from sliding back out, bunch them up again and secure with duct tape (see Figure 7d).


Step 3:                     At this point the new section is ready to be filled in the same manner as the first section. Follow all of the instructions previously presented to install the first AquaDam®. Figure 8 is a drawing of two AquaDams®, one filled and the other ready to be filled.


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