Step 1:                     Gather up the end of one fill tube, and gently twist it or bunch it up, and wrap with duct tape. Do the same thing to the other tube. This will allow the inner tubes to be easily inserted and pulled through the round holes cut into the top of the coupling collar at the end of the installed AquaDam® (see Figure 7b)

Step 2:                     Carefully cut two round holes 6 inches in diameter in the top of the collar attached to the filled AquaDam® master tube. Each hole should be large enough to accommodate the bunched inner fill tube of the AquaDam® that is being attached. The two holes should be positioned midway between each side of the AquaDam®.  They should be about 1-2 feet apart on a four foot AquaDam® and 4 feet apart on a six foot high AquaDam®.

Step 3:                     Insert the wrapped right inner tube through the hole on the right side of the coupling collar, and the wrapped left inner tube through the hole on the left side of the coupling collar. This is done by working your way inside the coupling collar, pushing the inner tube toward the hole and having a second person reach through the hole from the outside, grab the tube, and pull it through the hole (about four feet of fill tube should be pulled on top for a four foot high AquaDam®). Pull the outer tube of the AquaDam® being connected inside the coupling collar and around the inner tubes as well as possible. The new section should be totally enclosed by the coupling collar, and the master tube of the AquaDam® being installed should be pulled up so as to be in contact with the end of the water-filled AquaDam®. Pull all excess fill tube material up on top through the holes. (see Figure 7c).


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