Figure6. A cross section showing the placement of earthen fill material to shore up an AquaDam® that shows signs of lateral movement.



Certain applications require that two or more AquaDam® sections be linked or coupled together to form a longer continuous water-filled cofferdam or barrier. The following procedure illustrates how this is accomplished (the procedure assumes that the AquaDams® are being joined in a straight line end to end). All standard closed-ended AquaDams® come with a coupling collar on the closed end. The other end has the fill tubes, and has been designed to fit snugly into the coupling collar.

Step 1:                     Before a second AquaDam® can be attached, step one is to install an AquaDam® with a coupling collar. The other end of the coupling collar is already tightly secured around the end of the previously installed AquaDam® that has already been inflated with water.

Step 2:                     Position the second AquaDam® directly behind and in-line with the filled AquaDam® and unroll about 10 feet of the new section, plus the length of the fill tubes (see Figure 7a).

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