Water Structures Unlimited® manufactures AquaDams®, a low-impact alternative to temporary earthen fill cofferdams (barriers). The Clean Water Act demands the use of alternatives to fill discharges to achieve Best Management Practices. On site mitigation is mandatory. Alternative protective devices, such as a water filled cofferdam, are the ideal tool for water management programs that protect the aquatic environment. The US Army Corps of Engineers has and is presently approving the use of AquaDams® as a viable, environmentally acceptable method of diverting or containing water.

The following is an overview of Aqua Dam, Inc.®; the various applications of AquaDams®; site and size requirements; equipment and manpower requirements; installation techniques; safety, maintenance, and removal.


Water Structures Unlimited® is a sole proprietorship owned by David Doolaege and created in the late 1980's to offer a new concept for managing water diversions, flood control barriers, levee toppings, and water storage. Aqua Dam, Inc.® offers installation services and free consulting services regarding the installation and implementation of a water filled cofferdam. The most important features of AquaDams® are the ease and speed at which they can be installed (especially in emergency situations). They consist almost entirely of onsite water, and are reusable.


Water Structures Unlimited® presently has two US Patents on the design and utilization of multiple chambered AquaDams® that use water and air as the inflation media, and the technique used in connecting multiple AquaDams® together to achieve any necessary length.

Patent No. US Patent No. 5059065
Patent No. US Patent No. 5125767
Several other patents are currently pending.
Patents are in the name of David Doolaege.

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