Double Closed-Ended AquaDam® Users Guide
An amendment to our standard User’s Guide.

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One end of the AquaDam® is closed with a coupling collar. It is rolled so that the collar is the last thing to be deployed. The AquaDam® is rolled on a 4” x 6” wooden core. A 4” x 6” bracket is attached to each end of the core, and a ¾” drive ratchet with a cheater bar is attached to it. This allows the AquaDam® to be rolled up easily using 1-2 workers.

On a standard AquaDam®, the zippered end would be left open and would have to be elevated above the filled height of the AquaDam® by placing them against a bank or something similar to hold in the water. However, this AquaDam® will be closed on the normally open end with a zipper. The fill tubes will come up through the top, and to get them in position the fill hoses must first be inserted into the fill tubes.


A 3” fill hose with a quick-connect fitting is inserted well into each fill tube, and the fill tube is then bunched around it.


The fill tube is then wrapped tightly around the 3” fill hose and secured with duct tape. This part of the tube will extend up through the fill hole and out the top of the filled AquaDam®. Little or no pressure will be placed on this part of the fill tube because it will be higher in elevation than the rest of the AquaDam®, so there is no danger of the duct tape breaking.  

Both fill tubes must be wrapped tightly enough so that they will fit through the reinforced fill tube holes and so that the blue hoses will not slip out when under pressure. Do not pull the blue hoses out of the fill tubes!


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