Flood Control

Over 75% of flood damage worldwide is caused by less than 1 foot of water!

AquaDams® are the ideal tool for emergency flood control! Just look below to see how this homeowner used AquaDams® to prevent pounding wave action from destroying his home! AquaDam® gives homeowners a fighting chance!

Water-inflated cofferdam flood control barriers have proven to be very effective tools for flood fighting and protection. Affordable, effective, safe and easy to install, they save time, labor and money when compared to sandbags and other flood control devices! Just look below!

The Facts: 
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers estimates the cost of using and removing sandbags to be in the area of $3-$6 per bag. To achieve a 3-foot high barrier, they estimate that it would take approximately 34 sandbags per linear foot. At a conservative cost of $3 per sandbag, the price of a hypothetical 3 foot high by 100 foot long barrier would be $10,200.

The Difference:
An AquaDam® the same size, in contrast, would cost $2,400 just to purchase, an immediate savings of over $7,500. On top of that, the AquaDam® can be installed easily in only 20 minutes using only 2 workmen, compared to 4 hours using 5 workmen for the sandbag wall. That's a 200-minute difference, and 200 minutes is a long time when floodwater is filling up your home.

In the long run, the savings are exponential. The AquaDam® is simply filled with on-site water, while the sandbags require that sand be imported. Then, after the event, the sand and bags must be removed and thrown into a landfill. Since the AquaDam® was purchased, it is simply drained and rolled up in anticipation of the next flood event.

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