Flood Protection in Fargo, North Dakota 2011

Rikki I. wrote back about her flood fighting experience using AquaDams:

Pictures of our AquaDams in place, Fargo, 2011 News articles about AquaDams and flooding in Fargo, ND
  • Flood Protection around Carlos K.'s home
  • WDAY: Homeowner protecting his home, his way
  • 4' high AquaDam installed in a U-shape around a home
  • AquaDam videos on WDAY Local News Station
  • AquaDam completely encircling a home in Campbell, MN.
  • Minnesota Public Radio article: New technology challenges the sandbag
  • Video only of an AquaDam being installed around a house in Cogswell, ND
  • WDAY radio article: "From what we saw out here, the AquaDam was far superior to the sandbag dikes"
  • Flood Control demo video (40 minutes) Timelapse of total process (1:30)