Metropolis, IL 2011
Flood Control

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A double-closed end 5' high by 200' long AquaDam (background) being used as an elevation point for another 5' high AquaDam (foreground). These AquaDams will help protect this building from the Ohio River flooding. Metropolis, IL 2011
The AquaDam continues to fill Metropolis, IL 2011
AquaDams can make turns. Sweeping turns are better than sharp turns, but either one can work in a pinch. This AquaDam also has a baffle skirt running down the middle of the AquaDam. The baffle seam is visible. The baffle acts to provide additional stability to the AquaDam. Metropolis, IL 2011
Metropolis, IL 2011
Flood depths were not very predictable. This customer bought the highest AquaDam that could fit between these two buildings. Metropolis, IL 2011
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