Wetland Restoration:
Army Corps of Engineers,
District of Columbia - 2000


The project involves the beneficial use of dredged material to restore 42 acres of tidal freshwater wetlands in Kingman Lake, Washington, DC. The material, approximately 190,000 cubic yards, will be hydraulically dredged from the federal navigation channel in the Anacostia River, District of Columbia and Prince Georges County, Maryland. Dredging is also required to create a tidal gut system and lagoon in Kingman Lake. Following consolidation, the dredged material will be planted with approximately 720,000 plants.

These pictures show results of the 1996 restoration project to turn open mud flats into vegetated wetlands that can support a host of aquatic plant and animal life. 

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Objective: To turn open mud flats into productive, aquatic wetlands at Kingman Lake
Wetland Restoration Project, Anacostia River Basin, Washington, DC.

AquaDams® were used to isolate a 250 acre fill disposal area and control tidal flows. The fill material was needed to elevate mud flats so special aquatic plants could be planted and grown.

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