Seattle, WA, 2010
Dewatering and Rip-rapping

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(4) 24 inch diameter pipes will channel the current of the upstream side of the work area to a site 600' farther down. These are called "flume pipes". Seattle, WA, 2010
Removing large boulders from the path of the AquaDam is essential to creating a good seal. These boulders also represent a problem for the flume pipes that will be installed. Seattle, WA, 2010
The flume pipes are put into position. Seattle, WA, 2010
This job is unique. To create a better seal for the AquaDams (8' and 5' high) that will be going over the flume pipes, smaller (3' high) Aquadams are laid out under the flume pipes and filled about 10%. Seattle, WA, 2010
This 5' high by 66' long AquaDam has been installed. This AquaDam is here to prevent the flume pipes from moving/shifting when the 8' high AquaDam is installed later. Seattle, WA, 2010
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