Salt River Project: Phoenix, AZ

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Two AquaDams® 4' high by 100' long were coupled together to form this horseshoe shaped cofferdam in a canal so that a new canal intersection could be constructed to feed a new wastewater treatment plant.  Installation time was about 4 hours.  saltrvr2.jpg (14866 bytes)
The reason that the contractor chose to use AquaDams® was because they introduced no fill material into the canal. The old-fashioned practices of sandbags or earthen fill discharges using dump trucks and excavators were not acceptable here. saltrvr3.jpg (16487 bytes)
One of the old practices, dewatering the entire canal, was not an option because of the abundance of aquatic life in the canal that has been found to be very beneficial to water quality. 

Notice the connection in the middle of the AquaDam®. The fill tubes can be seen sticking out the top. The small red electric pump keeps seepage in check during dewatering.
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Another benefit of using AquaDams® is that the users downstream could continue receiving water. Water depth is 30".  saltrvr5.jpg (14518 bytes)
These pictures show a red 2" electric discharge pump keeping the work area dewatered and dry.  saltrvr6.jpg (15708 bytes)