Provo, UT 2018
Marina Isolation for Boat Channel Excavation and Restoration

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A 16' tall, 210' long primary AquaDam with an 8' tall, 70' long Self-Elevating support dam were used to isolate the mouth of this harbor to allow dewatering and excavation work, opening up a deeper channel for boats. Provo, UT 2018
AquaDams arrive to the job site on a flatbed trailer, the (2) 8ft dams are on top of the 16ft dam. The customer ended up only using (1) 8ft dam, resulting in a significant savings. Provo, UT 2018
There is not very much room along the top of the harbor breakwater berm. It was a balancing act to unload the trailer and place the AquaDams in this limited space. Installation berm is to the right. Provo, UT 2018
Our first look along the intended AquaDam installation path. The existing banks were not tall enough to properly elevate the open end of the 16ft tall AquaDam, so berms of the proper height were built along both banks. Provo, UT 2018
The (2) 40ft containers were partially filled with soil, sealed, cabled together, and cabled to on shore anchors. This system was put in place by the contractor for the purpose of wavebreaking. Provo, UT 2018
Due to the suspected presence of damaging obstructions (rebar), the contractor opted to lay down heavy duty conveyor belt from each bank, past water line by 30ft. Provo, UT 2018
The 8ft dams have been offloaded, and the truck in front of the trailer has been unhitched and parked elsewhere. Now, (2) excavators positioned at the front and back of the trailer will lift the 16ft tall AquaDam to the top of the starting berm. Provo, UT 2018
Spools of rope are laid out in front of the intended starting point of the AquaDam. These ropes will be tied back to the trailer and used to control the rate at which the AquaDam unrolls. Provo, UT 2018
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