Palm Desert, CA 2018
Pond Bank Isolation for Pump Intake Construction

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A 12ft tall, 270ft long AquaDam formed an L-shaped water-filled cofferdam at the corner of this pond, so a new pump intake structure could be built without taking the pond out of service. 8ft tall AquaDams were installed behind the 12ft tall primary dam, for extra support. Palm Desert, CA 2018
(2) 6" discharge pumps were used to fill the 12ft AquaDam, shown rolled up next to the yellow pump boxes. Palm Desert, CA 2018
Overview of area to be isolated. Palm Desert, CA 2018
Side view of the rolled 12ft dam. Palm Desert, CA 2018
The 12ft dam has been allowed to unroll down the bank, exposing the open fill-tubes at the top of the bank. Discharge hoses are inserted into the fill tubes of the AquaDam. Palm Desert, CA 2018
The AquaDam unrolls from the force exerted by the water used to fill the unrolled section. Palm Desert, CA 2018
A telehandler forklift is used to pull on a rope which is tied to the AquaDam; this is done to turn the AquaDam during deployment. Palm Desert, CA 2018
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