Wetlands Restoration: Lake Tahoe Keys, CA

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1,200 linear feet of double-ply 4' high AquaDams®  were installed in three different locations to prevent erosion during wetland restoration. Due to anticipated high water flows in the adjacent Upper Truckee River, preventing eroded sediment from entering Lake Tahoe was a priority. 


The Lake Tahoe water authority is the most restrictive in the nation when it comes to water quality issues. The sign displays the government representatives associated with this project. Water quality was the top priority in the creation of these wetlands during the restoration process.


The first AquaDam® at location #1 is laid out and unrolled. Fill hoses are inserted into the fill tubes and filling begins. The idea is to isolate anticipated high water flows in the Upper Truckee River from the newly-created adjacent wetlands. Considerable expense has gone into grading and seeding the reclaimed areas. 


Once the first AquaDam® is filled, another is put in place at the closed end and attached using a coupling collar. It is then rolled out and laid in position just like the first. Placement was critical, as the AquaDams® had to be as close to the Truckee River as possible. The brown grass alongside the AquaDam® is imported sod, and is very expensive.

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