Fish Ladder Repair:
Russian River, Healdsburg, CA -  2001

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Project Overview:  This was located in the Veteran's Park Memorial Boundaries.  The project called for the incorporation of a new fish ladder in a 50 year old removable board dam.  The fish ladder was to improve the fish passage during the critical summer months when the board dam has been erected to create the county swimming hole.  This has been blocking fish passage for over 70 years. 


 To start with the existing concrete overflow slab was used as a surface to install a 5 foot high AquaDam to block half of the river flow.  The river flow needed to be shoved to one side of the river.  The project called for the use of one 5 foot x 50 feet long, one 5 foot high x 100, one 4 foot high x 30 long, and two 3 foot high x 100 foot long AquaDams.  One 8 foot high AquaDam (not shown) is used to surround the lower portion of the work area. 


You can see the concrete slab underneath the water that the AquaDams are sitting on.  It extends completely across the river.  The water is flowing over it and then over boards that normally would make up the summer dam.  The boards (with a metal frame attached to the concrete slab) are simply pushed up with an excavator to block the river flow during normal operations. 


The AquaDams made an excellent seal on the concrete slab.  From the top left-hand corner of the picture you can see a 5 foot high x 50 long AquaDam.  A connection was made to extend it out another 100 feet.  In the middle of this picture you can see the fill tubes and a connection of a 4 foot high x 30 long AquaDam.  A 3 foot high AquaDam extends off the side of it and beyond the right-hand side of the picture.  The 3 high AquaDam is simply abutting into the 4 high AquaDam, no connection collar is being used. The connection collar is still rolled up on its beam at the end of the 4 foot high AquaDam.

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