Stream Blockage/Irrigation Project
Wentworth, Darling River
New South Wales, Australia (2003)
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This used 4' x 100' closed-ended AquaDam® is being used to impound water for irrigation purposes. Australia has been suffering from a long-term drought, which has brought river levels to unforeseen lows. Notice that the fill tubes of the AquaDam® (in the bottom of the picture) are filled with water. This AquaDam® should have been started higher up the bank. Because of this, this unit cannot reach it's maximum design height.  
New South Wales, Australia
The closed end of the AquaDam® was abutted into a concrete spillway. This spillway would allow water to pass in case of unanticipated rains. The spillway had slots that boards could be slid into to regulate the amount of water that could pass. Installation time was 2 hours. 
New South Wales, Australia
A view looking upstream from the AquaDam®, showing the pool of impounded water. Because of the flat grade of the river, hundreds of thousands of gallons can be impounded behind this single AquaDam®.
New South Wales, Australia