Dewatering Tidal Canal for Water Intake Repair:
Fremont, CA - 2002

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This picture shows a 16' high AquaDam®, to be used in a tidal dewatering project in Fremont, Ca. The first question when dealing with an AquaDam® of this size: at 36' wide and 8,000 lbs., how do you load it on a trailer. Fortunately, we were able to rent another forklift (the yellow one) and "borrow" the services of a 977 Caterpillar bulldozer/loader. 



The orange forklift is ours. Unfortunately, it is only rated to lift 3,000 lbs. This did not stop us from trying, however.



The harder we try, the higher the rear end lifts up!



The loader had to lift the weight while the forklifts supported each end.



Once the AquaDam® was in the air, the trailer was simply driven under it, and it was set back down. However, it was ultimately decided that this was an unsafe (and probably quite illegal) load, and a flatbed trailer and truck were contracted for the purpose.


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