Amphitheatre Construction,
Foster City, CA

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A lakeside amphitheatre was one of the additions planned for the new Foster City Community Center boardwalk. Due to water quality concerns, fill material could not be placed directly into the water.  This required the contractor to dewater the work area. The maximum water depth was 6 feet, so an 8' high x 200' long AquaDam® was selected. 



Since this was not a moving water application (and therefore no water head needed to be maintained inside the AquaDam®), only one restraining rope was necessary. The pumps were turned on, and the AquaDam® was allowed to unroll freely. One end of the rope was attached to this Takeuchi loader, and the other was attached to the opposite end of the AquaDam®.



An overview of the work area. The Takeuchi is positioned across the work area from the AquaDam®.



Once the AquaDam® was unrolled far enough out into the lake, the loader was able to pull on the rope and turn it.


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