Fish Habitat Construction Mitigation:
Eel River, Redcrest, CA

Part 1:

To protect fish habitat along a side channel of the Eel River, a channel had to be constructed through 200' of dry gravel bar and 100' out into the river. To isolate the work area, three 1' high x 100' long AquaDams® are placed in a crescent shape out into the Eel River, which is very wide and shallow. Notice the brown contained water.



So that an adequate flow of water could reach the side channel, a canal had to be dug out into the middle of the river. To isolate the work area, the AquaDams® extend far out into the shallow, flowing river. The 300' of AquaDams® took approximately 2 hours to install.


To get the needed flow, a large mouth had to be excavated at the end of the channel. The dirty water caused by the excavation is totally isolated from the river.


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