Echo, Oregon, 2008
Stream Diversion

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AquaDams will be used to divert the flow of this river to one side, isolating the other side and allowing construction of a new fish ladder Echo, Oregon, 2008
The original 3'x100' starting AquaDam is visible next to the 8'x120' long AquaDam, behind the excavator. Fill material was placed behind the 3' high AquaDam for added support. The 8'x50' long AquaDam in the foreground was used as a dead man to minimize current during the installation of the next 8' high AquaDam, still rolled up, to the left. Echo, Oregon, 2008
8'x120' was installed midstream, starting from the ecoblocks, behind the 3' high AquaDam. Another 8' high AquaDam abuts into the bank on the downstream side of the work area. Echo, Oregon, 2008
Clockwise, starting from the top: 8'x50' long AquaDam, 8'x120' long AquaDam (above concrete structure), 8'x120' long AquaDam (below concrete structure), and a 3'x100' long AquaDam. Echo, Oregon, 2008
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