Culver, Oregon 2018
Concrete Pour Isolation at Hydropower Station

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Culver, Oregon 2018
The end of the AquaDam is unrolled all the way, and is now rising. The dam will conform to the underlying uneven face presented by the sandbags. However, just because the AquaDam is touching the sandbags does not mean that a seal has been achieved. This customer used a plastic sheet to improve the seal. Culver, Oregon 2018
The new formwork will be along the top of the existing concrete overflow weir. The AquaDam has been installed about 2-3ft upstream of the overflow weir and concrete work area. Culver, Oregon 2018
Finished sandbag wall, with plastic sheeting. The AquaDam is approximately 6-7ft tall. Culver, Oregon 2018
The wall was just barely long enough to support the corner of the AquaDam. All sandbags are tied together with a web of rope. There was substantial shifting of the sandbags during installation of the AquaDam. Culver, Oregon 2018
AquaDam continues to fill. It is now approximately 8ft tall. Culver, Oregon 2018
The end of the AquaDam, abutting into the sandbag wall. Additional sandbags may be placed in the gap between the end of the dam and the top level of the wall. Culver, Oregon 2018
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