Culver, Oregon 2018
Concrete Pour Isolation at Hydropower Station

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The Fill-Tubes of the AquaDam are visible, protruding from the top of the outer sleeve of the AquaDam. (1) 3" layflat hose and (1) 1.5" spiral flexhose are present inside each fill tube. Culver, Oregon 2018
The contractor provided (2) 3" discharge submersible electric pumps. ADI provided (2) 3" discharge gas power pumps. All (4) pumps were connected to the hoses present in the fill tubes. Some driftwood found on site was used to elevate the fill-tubes higher than the rest of the AquaDam. Culver, Oregon 2018
Overview of installation site. There were many many sandbags placed in order to make this wall. Culver, Oregon 2018
The end seam of the AquaDam is the dark seatbelt material with the (2) white sew-lines through it. The log core is about to be exposed. Culver, Oregon 2018
The AquaDam continues to fill. As it fills, it compresses the soft mud on which it sits, resulting in the dam sinking into the compressing soil beneath it. Culver, Oregon 2018
The AquaDam is about 4-5ft tall. The AquaDam unrolled off the log, which has been removed. Culver, Oregon 2018
A look upstream. Culver, Oregon 2018
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